Jacobson Glass Studio

Learn to Blow Glass with David

Guided Experiences

Who hasn’t wanted to try their hand at glassblowing? It is thrilling. Assist in making one tumbler or one vase. You’ll roll the glass in the color(s) of your choice, blow into the pipe, and help shape the piece. You experience first hand the thrill of working with molten glass as David helps you create a unique work of art from start to finish. You walk away with your own, one-of-a-kind creation the next day. These short experiences, depending on what you’re making, take roughly an hour per person. And of course, “safety first” and hot-shop etiquette are emphasized.

  • The cost for that is $125 per person.  

Come and experience it for yourself or gift it to that special someone.

(Pickup/delivery of finished pieces the next day will be arranged)

Corporate Team Building

Glassblowing lends itself perfectly to team building. Brainstorming, clear communication, problem solving, working outside of one’s comfort zone, developing trust and learning to rely on others all come into play when making glass. These skills are necessary in so many areas of our lives, especially in the office. Coworkers will create one or two glass objects. Choices include tumblers, rocks glasses, bowls, ornaments and vases. These one-of-a-kind pieces are theirs to keep. Participants are encouraged to collaborate on pieces by selecting the color(s) and shape, and assisting the glassblower when indicated by the instructor. For an enjoyable experience for all, “safety first” and hot-shop etiquette are emphasized. Fruit, cheese & crackers and cookies are served. A celebratory glass of wine is offered at the end of class.

Ideal for groups of 3 to 6

(Pickup/delivery of finished pieces the next day will be arranged)

Call or Text to Reserve a Time: 914-715-6848

For more details or booking please get in touch with us here.

Make Your Own Ornaments

Experience the excitement of glassblowing at the Jacobson Glass Studioby creating two hand-blown ornaments — for yourself or as gifts. You choose the colors. You help inflate the glass while David Jacobson shapes it into a sphere. When ready, David adds the glass loop then places it in the annealing oven to cool down overnight. Come by yourself, with a friend, family or a small group.

If you have any further questions, or want to book a time, contact us here.

$95 per person

Minimum of 2 participants

(Pickup/delivery of finished pieces the next day will be arranged)