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Glass Demo and Dinner Extravaganza

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This past Saturday, I hosted an event that was a collaboration with High Ridge Farm, down the road from me.  We had a great time.  And it was a complete success.  Andrew and Katee, owners of the farm, produce Farm To Table dinners throughout the summer and fall.  After talking with Andrew one day recently, we decided to try a dinner here, and I would give a glassblowing demo.  I certainly know I have enough heat here in the studio to keep everyone warm.

We put out an email invite to favorite people, as well as a post on Instagram and Facebook. We charged $65, which we felt was a very fair price for what our friends would be sharing in.

We had 15 people for dinner, and I made a blown glass stone for the demo.  These stones are parts of new sculptures that I am making, that I form into cairns. Cairns are the stack of stones you see along hiking trails, used as markers.


Guests were told to bring their own wine, beer, whatever, and they certainly did. The event went well into the night, and the reaction was so great, people were already requesting to know when the next one will be.

Amazing for mid February, in rural Maine. I am constantly amazed at the enthusiasm of people here to meet and mingle, regardless of the time of year and weather. Helps with that Cabin Fever thing.  Very inspiring.


I'll let you know when we do the next one, and if you want, let me know if you want to be put on the mailing list.