Jacobson Glass Studio

Free Glassblowing Oct. 1–2

David JacobsonComment

In conjunction with the 2016 Maine Craft Weekend, Jacobson Glass Studio is offering the chance to try your hand at glassblowing free of charge. Experience the excitement of creating a drinking glass or vase. This opportunity is on a first-come, first- served basis. Participants will choose the colors and help inflate the hot glass while I shape it into its final form. When finished, I place the piece in the annealing oven to cool down overnight. Your piece will be ready the next day. You can come back to pick it up or, for a shipping fee, I will mail it to you. Plan on about 30 minutes per person. The minimum age is 12 (must be accompanied by an adult).

I will also be offering demonstrations of glassblowing throughout the day. And my gallery will be stocked with items including pumpkins, vases, glasses and bowls.