Jacobson Glass Studio

The Studio Continues

David Jacobson1 Comment

We've started work on the interior of the studio.   We're studding up the walls, cutting out places for the windows and doors.  I really lucked out with the windows.  One of the carpenters was given windows from a tear-down house.  Perfectly good, energy efficient, casement windows. I got them for free.  Saved lots of money with these.  And they are in great shape. 

This studio is going to have so much natural light.  It's fantastic.  French doors in the front, with double windows on either side.  Then, in the back, the back door will have glass, and a large window next to it, then a smaller one at the end.  On the other end will be a smaller window for the bathroom. 

Adding the studs has firmed up the building a great deal, which was essential.  I had a structural engineer come in to make sure the building was strong enough for the load we will be placing on it.  He suggested three steel cables spanning the interior to keep the building from spreading out.  That is an easy fix. 

By the end of the week, we should be ready to start working on the rafters, reinforcing them with 2 x8s. 

In the meantime, I keep trying to make some glass.  Like this recent bowl.....