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It's Like They Were Never Here, Sort of.

art, Glass studioDavid JacobsonComment

The excavation guys were here last week, digging like crazy.  Derrick Larrabee and his brother, Josh, did an amazing job.  They dug the trenches for the water, the electric and the connection to the septic tank. The the water pipe was put in, the electric line with 200 amp service was laid down, and the pump to push the waste to the septic was installed.  2 days later they filled everything in and left it like you see it.  Nice and smooth, firmly packed and waiting for the grass seed and hay, which will be put down on Monday.  Amazing.  To look at it now, you'd have no idea all that was going on in the ground.

Monday, the plumber, Forrest Larrabee comes in to put the plumbing in for the bathroom fixtures and utility sink, and to hook up to the septic.  Also, Joe Thornley returns to make final adjustments and set up the forms in preparation for the concrete pour, which will probably be done Tuesday.