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I-Beam Through My Barn

David JacobsonComment

No, that's not Haiku.  There really is an I-Beam through our barn.  Actually 4 I-Beams.  And that's good!  The barn got raised today. Tomorrow, it goes up another foot so the excavation equipment can get in there and prepare the ground for the pouring of the cement slab.

Scott Richards and his daughter, Rebecca, of D&S Jacking, in Northport, are doing an amazing job.  Slowly, over two days, they added the cribbing, cut peep holes in the barn , slid the I-beams through, and started jacking the building off the ground.  So low-tech, I love it.  And it has worked beautifully.  Next week, the excavator guy comes and digs ditches for the water, electric, and septic.

Go, Scott, go.