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I Drive A Lot

David Jacobson2 Comments

Living in rural Maine, everything is a hike.  The nearest grocery store and town is 25 minutes away driving 55 mph. Portland is an hour and a half away. Freeport is an hour and 15 minutes.  I put on a lot of miles. About 30,000 a year, and consequently, spend a lot of time in that car.  I have to say, I don't mind most of it.  It's my own little space. 

But it also means I eat many meals in that car while I'm driving.  And I frequently pass other drivers doing the same. I've had breakfast, lunch, and dinner in that car quite often. And my clothes prove it. 

Many, many stains. Yes, there's the pizza, peanut butter and jelly, blueberry muffin, egg sandwich, steak sandwich, tuna sandwich, chocolate ice cream, and of course, the coffee stain. But I don't eat Sloppy Joe's, poached eggs, pancakes with syrup, or Napoleons. That would be stupid.

I'm in the process of developing The Auto Bib™.  A teflon-coated plastic bib that clips around your neck and drapes and curves in a loving way over your front.  While you're driving, everything that spills collects in the bottom curve and all you have to do is carefully remove it before getting out of the car and hose it down.  It'll come in wild, bright colors. I'll let you know when it's ready.

Then, I'll try the Sloppy Joe. With confidence.