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Loon Glass on Slate Stand

art, craft, Fused glass, GlassDavid JacobsonComment

Just posted this on my Etsy store.  I love this one.  I made the glass tiles, called murrini, and fused them all into one large tile.  Very time consuming process, but I like it.  PIcked the hot tile up on the blow pipe and blew it out into this shape.  I then to a diamond wheel on a lathe and ground the surface down to a matte finish.  Made the stand out of a thick slab of slate. The vase is 3 1/2 inches tall, and with the stand, the whole thing is 6".

I call it Loon Glass, because I based the colors on the markings of the loon, a very beautiful, quirky bird up here in Maine,with a haunting cry.