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Cartoon Word Balloons for the Dogs

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woof woof

I am now making these hand-blown glass word balloons that hang on your wall.  Great for any room. Show your dog you understand what he's saying! Will custom make these for any word you'd like.  Soon to come...... Sit, Stay, Bark, Wag, Good Dog, Bad Dog. Other suggestions, just let me know.

Lightweight, and about  6 inches wide,  7 inches tall, they stand out from the wall about 2 inches.

There is a hole in the back which allows you to easily hang these on the wall

Vinyl letters are permanent and water-repellent.

Buy one, or group different words together.

To purchase, leave me a comment!

$45 each, plus shipping and handling. Price break on multiples.

Have fun.

All work copyrighted- David Jacobson 2010